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ODDEX II injection molding machine

Injection molding machine ODDEX II Vacuum

The machine is designed for a continuous process of casting polymer concrete (artificial stone) for two working shifts. Machine control of the machine ensures satisfactory performance and trouble-free operation of the machine.
The machine is connected to a three-phase electrical network with a voltage of 400V, 50Hz.
The machine is controlled from both the color touch screen and the remote control panel of the machine.

The control system allows:

- control (setting for a given mode of operation) by each node separately;
- alternate start-up of machine aggregates to work according to the program specified by the operator;
- Simultaneous proportional increase (decrease) in the speed of rotation of the machine's motors;
- monitor the completeness of filling dry filler fractions in bins;
- control the flow of liquid components into the auger part of the machine;
- include the circulation of liquid components both together and separately;
- control the presence of washing liquid;
- to control the working state of machine assemblies;
- to automatically shut down the machine automatically in the event of failure of any unit or the activation of sensors for monitoring the supply of liquid components with the supply of sound and light signals indicating on the display;
- Ability to set the minimum vacuum limit for the alarm to be triggered by its absence 

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